The Laurel Hall "Embrace Kindness Mission" is to educate and inspire the meaning of KINDNESS and encourage the practice of kind thoughts, words and acts. Kindness includes everyone -- it celebrates diversity and crosses distinctions such as race, religion, age, gender and sexuality. Educating students to empower them by having discussions about the meaning of kindness, incorporating ideas of empathy and generosity.  Kindness empowers individuals to connect with one another, strengthening our relationships with peers, teachers, school and community.  Scripture provides the best foundation for this mission.

Since the KINDNESS MISSION campaign kicked off in 2013, many activities have been initiated, including:

  • "Mix It Up Lunches" -- students are invited to eat lunch with someone they don't know;
  • "Catching Someone In Kindness" -- students can write cards for students or staff who are 'caught' exhibiting kind behavior;
  • "Embrace Kindness" and "No Name Calling Week" -- various activities are held during these Nationally recognized weeks;
  • "Light Blue Dress Day" -- students, teachers and staff wear light blue as a reminder of Peace and Tolerance;
  • "Be Kind" Magnet -- distributed to Laurel Hall and Emmanuel Lutheran Community so that we can show the world our commitment to loving our neighbor as ourselves.