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Elementary Grades 1 through 5

Language Arts

Laurel Hall incorporates the most current techniques in language arts instruction through a state adopted, Common Core, literature based curriculum. Phonics, decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing are integral parts of the program in first through third grades. Comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing are stressed in the fourth and fifth grades. Literary themes are presented and studied in these grades using classic and contemporary novels. The major objective of the elementary program is to engage students' imaginations through carefully planned, sequential lessons and to create a meaningful and integrated language experience for students.


The Common Core Mathematics curriculum promotes the kind of effective teaching, assessment, and use of resources that helps reach all the learners in the class. The lessons are rich in the use of manipulatives, math vocabulary, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Number and operations, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability, algebra and reasoning are all areas covered throughout the year in each grade level.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum incorporates map skills, comparing and contrasting everyday life in different times and places, causes and effects of historical events, governmental institutions and practices, California history and geography. The fourth grade study of early California culminates in a trip to Sacramento and San Francisco, and the fifth grade travels to the Tall Ships program in Dana Point where history comes alive as students experience the life of an 1830’s sailor.


Hands-on science learning and developing critical thinking skills are the objectives of our science program. The scope and sequence covers physical, earth and life sciences with investigation and experimentation at each grade level. Some of the topics covered are magnetism and electricity, energy and matter, rocks, minerals and fossils, environments and ecosystems, astronomy and the sky, plants, and systems of the body. Once a week in the Science Lab, students are provided with age appropriate hands on activities which help them apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world. Children learn to use the Scientific Method approach to analyze scientific problems. Field trips to the California Science Center and Griffith Observatory, as well as the fifth grade students spending three days AstroCamp, support and enhance students' science studies.

Physical education, computer, music, art, and computer classes are included in each grade level. These classes are built upon each other to allow the student to continue his/her scope and interests.

Patrice Lisy,
Elementary Curriculum and Resource Specialist

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