Laurel Hall School considers athletics an important extension of the classroom. Extra-curricular activities and academics go hand in hand to develop and shape the individual for an active Christian life.

The intent of the Athletic program is not only to teach skills, sportsmanship, cooperation and leadership, but also to build confidence and the desire for self-improvement. Coaches work to develop the player’s overall physical and psychological well being, while laying a strong foundation for continued participation. The athletic program involves as many students as possible in a variety of activities, further strengthening the sense of community through the achievements of group efforts. Healthy competition should be encouraged with an emphasis on each athlete doing his or her best. Winning is fun but learning how to be a graceful winner as well as accepting defeat are also key lessons that will carry on beyond these formidable school years.

Positive encouragement and sportsmanship are an important part of our school’s sports program. We adhere to a commitment of respect and appreciation of all athletes, cheerleaders and fans (family, friends, etc.). It is important for all involved to maintain their best effort and attitude at all times.

Laurel Hall participates in three different inter-scholastic leagues. The 4th, 5th & 6th grades participate in the San Fernando Valley Private School League and the middle school participates in the Valley Christian Athletic League (7th & 8th grades) and/or the Delphic Jr. High League (6th, 7th & 8th grades). These leagues emphasize participation, sportsmanship and healthy competition.

-Jennafer Jones, 
Athletic Director

Photograph of Jennafer Jones
Jennafer Jones
Athletic Director