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TK - 1st grade

Students in TK-1st grade participate in music classes two times per week. All grades explore music through Laurel Hall's large collection of Orff instruments. By the end of 1st grade students can identify all the instruments of a symphony orchestra visually, aurally and via their instrument "families".  Students also have a strong foundation in reading note names and musical notation. Students participate in approximately three performances per year embracing sacred, classical, folk, and pop genres to their fullest capacity.

2nd and 3rd grade

Our second and third grade students attend music class twice a week. Our classes are taught from the Orff perspective. The Orff environment is a comfortable environment that allows for mistakes and promotes creativity. In the Orff approach “all concepts are learned by doing”. Some of the instruments used by our students include xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, drums, pitched and unpitched percussion instruments; and, in third grade, they learn how to use a recorder.

We play games such as Mallet Madness, Recorder Karate, Recorder Baseball and the Line and Space Game to help us learn to read and play music. Our students learn to sing, chant, clap, dance; and pat or snap fingers along to melodies and rhythms. Performance opportunities include the 2nd grade Thanksgiving Feast, grade-level chapel programs, our 2nd -5th grade Christmas Concert, and the 3rd grade presents their own musical each spring.


3rd - 8th Grade -- Strings

The strings program at Laurel Hall provides performance opportunities beginning in 3rd grade. Students can choose to learn violin, viola, or cello. The grade level strings programs perform at school concerts, open house and the Middle School Strings & Bells Tour.

4th - 8th Grade -- Band

The Laurel Hall Band is a performance based program that provides 4th through 8th grade students the opportunity to learn woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The performing ensembles include 'Beginning Band' (4th Grade), 'Intermediate Band' (5th Grade) and 'Middle School Band' (6th-8th Grade). The various ensembles perform throughout the year at Homecoming, school concerts, pep rallies, open house, assemblies and the Middle School Band Tour.

5th - 8th Grade -- Handbells

Since Laurel Hall School is connected to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, we have the unique opportunity to use their handbells, resulting in a thriving handbell program as part of our Fine Arts Rotation. We have four different handbell groups, one for each grade level in 5th through 8th grade. Our groups have many performance opportunities throughout the school year, including chapel, concerts; and our 7th and 8th grade bells also have the chance to perform for other schools and retirement homes on our two-day tour each spring.

6th - 8th Grade -- Guitar

The guitar program begins in middle school as a fine arts option. Performances include concerts and the Middle School Band & Guitar Tour.

6th - 8th grade -- Drum Corps

Being in the Hornet Drum Corps program offers students a great chance to exercise discipline, learn marching and maneuvering, learn classic side-drumming, and enhance both hemispheres of the brain. The Laurel Hall Hornet Drum Corps is in its second year. Many of the players started as beginning players in the spring of 2015. They took practice very seriously and quickly propelled themselves into a marching unit with three street beats and a four-and-a-half minute contest solo.


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