"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."  -- Pablo Picasso

At Laurel Hall we understand the importance of the Arts and teach to the "whole" child to allow them to discover who they are and where their talents lie. We do this by instilling in all students that there are no mistakes in Art. When "mistakes" are out of the equation, the pressure of performance is removed, allowing the child's natural ability to reveal itself.

Kindergarten - 4th grade

The students participating in TK - 4th Grade Art are very busy learning and exploring the Elements of Art. We start with the basics and build on them so when they move up into Middle School Art, students have a strong foundation. We get messy, dirty and noisy, but we believe that is all part of the creative process. 

We also believe that Art should stimulate the senses. The students are exposed to many different materials and mediums. They work with clay, paper mache, cardboard, wood pieces, various papers and wire. In addition, they experiment and learn about color with different types of paints, pastels and pencils. The use of recycled materials is also a part of the program to help teach the importance of preserving our planet. Students are also introduced to many different types of Art and artists. 

5th - 8th grade

The Art Classes offered to our 5th grade through 8th grade students cover a wide range of information. As the students advance through their grade levels, they are introduced to more complicated projects, and have a greater expectation of independent concepts and applied use of materials. Our students are exposed to a variety of mediums, Art History and Contemporary Artists. We also discuss the many career possibilities based on how art touches so many different parts of life.