Laurel Hall sets our kindergarten students on an exciting course of lifelong learning and passion for education. Our kindergarten curriculum combines the elements of a rounded education including the basics of reading, writing and math, along with several specialty enrichment classes. Talented, caring teachers create an environment where our students can learn, grow and develop a sense of belonging within a community. In kindergarten, our students participate in both individual and group activities to develop and refine their skills along with having time to explore play and creativity.

Language Arts

The Kindergarten language arts curriculum ensures beginning reading success with thorough development of oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics and blending skills, high frequency word recognition, vocabulary, and text-based comprehension. Grammar and writing skills are introduced and developed throughout the year. These components lead to the development of early reading fluency with the use of decodable text and leveled readers. Delightful literature, interactive resources, short videos, and songs fully engage the students in the learning process. The language arts curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards.


Our Kindergarten math curriculum promotes that students first develop a conceptual understanding, then learn procedural skills and develop fluency, and finally apply mathematical concepts in real-world situations. The units explored during the kindergarten year include Counting and Cardinality, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. Students are actively engaged using real materials to discover and explore numbers to 20 and beyond, compose and decompose numbers to 20, addition, subtraction, measurement, classification of objects,  positions and two and three-dimensional shapes. The math curriculum aligns to the Common Core State Standards. ​​​​​​​


During Bible, the Kindergarten students listen to Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Our students develop an understanding of several faith traits introduced in the stories helping to build character and values. Faith traits introduced include generosity, patience, responsibility, thankfulness, obedience, perseverance, loyalty, honesty, cooperation, self-discipline, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, empathy, joy and peace.​​​​​​​

Science and Social Studies

Kindergarten students explore the units of life science, earth science, and physical science utilizing STEM and project based learning activities. The students use their five senses to investigate and perform hands-on experiments in each unit. Topics covered include plants, animals, landforms, earth’s resources, recycling, weather, seasons, matter, magnets, sink and float, forces in motion. In social studies, the Kindergarten students explore the topics of self- image, holidays, Native Americans, Presidents, transportation, manners, our country and our community.​​​​​​​

Other Programs

The Kindergarten students enjoy several specialty enrichment classes taught by experts in their respective fields. Our students participate in PE, music, art, computer, and library classes. The students also attend and participate in a chapel service each week.​​​​​​​