Laurel Hall's elementary program provides an engaging learning environment that incorporates technology and multiple learning styles into the curriculum to make the subject matter relevant and exciting for our students. In addition to learning and exploring language arts, math, science and social studies, our students are immersed in music, arts, sports and other programs. The caring and experienced elementary faculty provide Laurel Hall students a place to learn, grow and belong.

Language Arts

Laurel Hall incorporates the most current techniques in language arts instruction with comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and writing development. Literary themes are presented and studied in this grade using classic and contemporary novels in order to nurture a love for reading. The major objective of the elementary program is to engage students' imaginations through carefully planned, sequential lessons to create a meaningful and integrated language experience for students. The literature-based curriculum applies modeling, analysis, guided practice, and discussion to aid students in developing foundational skills for reading and writing more complex text and allows them to develop a deeper knowledge of the subject content. 


The mathematics curriculum promotes effective teaching, assessment, and the use of resources to reach all the learners in the class. The lessons are rich in the use of manipulatives, math vocabulary, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Number & Operations in Base Ten, Operations & Algebraic Thinking with Expressions & Patterns, Decimals, Fractions, Measurement & Data, and Geometry are covered in fifth grade. Students develop a conceptual understanding through investigation, modeling and collaborative conversation. They learn procedural skills and develop fluency through multiple examples and practice. Students are required to apply mathematical concepts in real-world situations utilizing higher order thinking. In addition, students have access to innovative digital tools including online manipulatives, animations, personal tutors, games and downloadable apps.​​​​​​​

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum includes the history, geography, economics, civics, and citizenship of the United States. It incorporates map skills, comparing and contrasting everyday life in different times and places, causes and effects of historical events, and governmental institutions and practices. The Social Studies curriculum is designed to allow students to connect with history through both individual and cooperative learning opportunities where they are encouraged to express their points of view, debate, give speeches and compose a wide variety of written works. In fifth grade, history comes to life as they research and become experts on the original Thirteen Colonies. Students will recreate the Supreme Court during the time of President Jackson and the Indian Removal Act. Students also become a historical figure and share their life at our Historical American Living Wax Museum. In addition, the fifth grade travels to the Tall Ships program in Dana Point where history comes alive as students experience the life of an 1830’s sailor.​​​​​​​


Hands-on learning and the development critical thinking skills are the objectives of our science program at Laurel Hall. The scope and sequence for the fifth grade science program covers physical, earth and life sciences through investigation and experimentation. Topics covered include matter, organisms, ecosystems, energy, earth's systems, the human footprint, gravity, earth's rotation, and objects in the sky. The inclusion of STEMscopes provides a positive classroom culture that encourages a cooperative learning environment. This environment integrates technology with age-appropriate, hands-on activities to connect student learnings to the world outside the classroom. Students will engage in scientific and engineering practices to develop their skills in observation, questioning, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing and communicating reasonable conclusions. Students will be required to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze data and explain its meaning while also learning to effectively state a claim, cite appropriate evidence, and connect the evidence to the claim using reasoning. In addition, fifth grade students spend three days at AstroCamp, supporting and enhancing their scientific studies through exciting, hands-on adventures.​​​​​​​

Other Programs

Physical education, drama, music, art, and computer classes are included in each grade level. We encourage our students to fully explore their varied individual interests.​​​​​​​