Through project-based learning, students are challenged to solve problems in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.).  Attention to high-order thinking and critical analysis skills enables students to become invested in their own learning.

Project Lab

The Project Lab is designed for collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.  The Lab's motto is "The Project Lab ... where innovators think, create and collaborate!"  Through project-based learning, students in grades 2-8 are challenged to solve problems by leveraging knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

In the Project Lab, classroom curriculum is extended through activities, which inspire creativity and innovation in our students, while providing a deeper understanding of subject matter.  Attention to higher order thinking and critical analysis skills will enable students to become invested in their own learning. 

Media Center

The Media Center is an integral part of Laurel Hall's commitment to the use of technology.  It is a shared academic resource center that consists of a network of Windows-based multimedia computers (allowing one student per computer), a SmartBoard, and high speed access to the Internet. Technology is integrated into our curriculum and each K-8th grade class has computer lab time to use technology in meaningful ways.

Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Teachers can use SmartBoards and document cameras in each classroom to help provide interactive lessons that engage the students and stimulate the educational process. Curriculum and professional development for teachers is aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards.

Tech Lab

The “Tech Lab” is designed to be a collaborative space for teachers to use with their classes to enhance their classroom, project-based learning with technology resources.

The resources include Chromebooks and desktop PCs, and iPads. There is also a full-time technology assistant so that the teacher has tech support when needed and the teacher’s attention can be focused on the students.

The Tech Lab is also available with supervision during middle school study halls for students to use the technology resources for homework or class projects.